Become Distributor

You can become a distributor when your company is registered in your country of residence. Your core business is people who are camping or traveling to foreign destinations. You can as a distributor sell Aquaprove travel kits to your customers.
Minimum order quantity (MOQ) 60 Aquaprove travel kits.
Price on request

Distributors must have residence in Europe (excluded Benelux). We also look for distributors in Africa, Russia and Saudi Arabia.


Chlorine dioxide is the active ingredient of Aquaprove. This makes Aquaprove a very effective water purification product that exceeds all chlorine type disinfectants.

  • Ideal for traveling to foreign destinations.
  • Purify up to 250 liters of water with 1 Aquaprove kit.
  • Safe-and-clean drinking water is easily accessible at all times.